December Birth Flower - Narcissus

Household Tips

  • Check air pressure in tires for better gas mileage.
  • Clean or replace heating filters.
  • Winterize tools - Power equipment should have the oil changed and moving parts lubricated. Fuel systems should either be drained or have a gas stabilizing additive mixed onto the fuel. Hand tools should be cleaned and oiled before storing for winter.
  • Change batteries in smoke alarm.
  • On cold nights, move houseplants back from icy windows to prevent chilling injury.
  • Fertilize houseplants with Sure Bloom.

Christmas Tree Recipe

  • One gallon hot water
  • One bottle Karo corn syrup
  • 4 tbls. liquid iron
  • 4 tsp clorox

This mix can stain rugs so ladle into the tree stand. Make a clean cut and use the claw end of the hammer to rough up end of tree.

  • Use petroleum jelly on ends of artificial tree to make assembly easier.

Lawn and Garden Tips

  • If you've collected seed heads and dried flowers for wreaths and arrangements, a light spritz of hair spray will help keep the material intact.
  • Hollies may be pruned now.
  • Apply mulches to bulbs, perennials and other small plants once the ground freezes.
  • Fertilize dogwoods after grass has gone dormant with 1/4 cup epsom salt for trees 5 years old or younger and 1/2 cup for trees 5 years and older. If Epsom salt has never been used on trees 5 years and older, use one full cup.
  • Make sure landscape plants are well watered, especially new ones and evergreens until the ground freezes.

Ice Melters

  • Urea, Potassium Chloride- Urea works down to 15 degrees and Potassium Chloride down to 12 degrees.
  • Magnesium Chloride - works down to 5 degrees.
  • Calcium Chloride -works down to -25 degrees. It produces it's own heat