January Birth Flower - Carnation

Household Tips

  • Fertilize houseplants with Mushroom Stuff at the rate of one tablespoon per gallon of water.
  • Check air pressure in tires for better gas mileage.

Kitchen Drain Cleaner

Boil one gallon of water. Add one cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. Pour into drain. Follow up with two gallons boiling water.

Dishwasher Cleaner

To an empty machine, once a month add 2 cups of bleach to run through the wash cycle. Then add four cups of white vinegar and run it through a full cycle.

Bathroom Drain Cleaner

Pour one cup vinegar down drain. Wait ten minutes and add one cup baking soda. Wait 2 minutes and follow with 1/2 gallon boiling water. Repeat if necessary.

Washing Machines

For front loading and high-efficiency top loading always use low-foaming high-efficiency detergents.
* Use 2 Tablespoons of detergent for a large load.
* Use 1 Tablespoon if you have a water softener.
To clean add 1/2 cup of Tang Drink Mix once a week for four straight weeks to an empty machine. Run it through a quick cycle using hot water. After four weeks, use 1/4 cup of Tang Drink Mix once a month. The Tang will not only clean the detergent and mineral buildup from your washer, it will also clean the insides of pipes.
For regular top loading washers, once a month add 1 gallon of white vinegar to an empty machine. Run it through a complete cycle using hot water.

Tile Cleaner

One cup clear ammonia. 1/2 cup vinegar
1/4 cup baking soda

Add warm water to make one gallon. After tile and grout is clean, treat with silicone tile and grout sealer. Let sit 12-24 hours. Then wipe off excess with a damp cloth. It will protect the tile and grout for years.

Furniture Cleaning Formula

Mix equal parts of boiled linseed oil, turpentine and vinegar. Stir well. Apply with a soft cloth. Then wipe completely dry with another clean soft cloth.

Lawn and Garden Tips

  • Place poinsettias in a sunny window.
  • Prune apple trees.
  • Prune limbs damaged by ice or snow right away to prevent bark from tearing.
  • Make sure summer bulbs are not rotting or drying out.
  • Snow can be gently brushed off trees and shrubs, but allow ice to melt naturally.
  • Avoid walking on frozen grass to prevent injury to grass.
  • Water trees and shrubs when soil is dry bit not frozen.
  • If you missed planting bulbs before the ground froze, plant them now in peat pots and place pots in flats. Set them outside where it's cold and bury under a thick blanket of leaves.