November Birth Flower - Chrysanthemum

Household Tips

  • Check air pressure in tires for better gas mileage.
  • Clean or replace heating filters.
  • Use 3-4 mothballs in attic to repel squirrels.
  • Use Tree Tanglefoot or Bird Tangelfoot to stop birds from nesting in rafters.
  • Use peanut butter to remove adhesive from glass.
  • Use alcohol to remove ink stains from suede with a cotton swab.
  • Use 1/2 lb. of coffee grounds to remove spoiled meat odor in freezer.
  • Use vanilla in coolers to remove food odor and on hands to remove fish odor.
  • Mildew remover: 2/3 cup TSP, 1/ cup Tide, and 1 Qt. Clorox in 3 Qts. warm water.
  • Use fine sandpandpaper or steel wool to remove scuffs from whitewall tires and raised letters. SOS pads work great too!
  • Fertilize houseplants with Sure Bloom.

Lawn and Garden Tips

  • Apply Hummert Winterizer fertilizer.
  • Apply Broadleaf weed control if necessary - Use Gordon's Speedzone with Spreader Sticker added or Bonide Weed Beater Ultra (already contains spreader sticker)
  • Any unused finished compost is best tilled under to improve garden soils.
  • To prevent insects or diseases from over wintering in the garden, remove and compost all plant debris.
  • Keep mulches pulled back several inches room the base of trees to prevent bark injury from hungry mice and other rodents.
  • Wrap tree trunks to prevent rabbit damage and sun damage, especially maples and young trees.
  • Continue watering evergreens until the ground freezes. Soils must not be dry when winter arrives.
  • Remove the spent flowers and foliage of perennials after they are damaged by frost.
  • Roll up and store garden hoses on a warm, sunny day. It's hard to get a cold hose to coil into a tight loop. Remove hoses from faucets if temperatures will be below freezing.
  • Geraniums need a resting period before replanting in the spring. Put plants in a dark, cool place like the basement or a closet. Leaves will turn totally brown. Water once a month until new growth starts sometime in February. Bring them out and water weekly and give as much sun as possible. Plant after May 1st.
  • After roses have finished blooming, trim back but to no less than three feet.
  • Plant trees until ground is frozen. Water in with Mushroom Stuff. Two weeks later apply Earth Right. Water every 10 to 14 days this month until ground freezes. Stake and mulch newly planted trees.