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Tobin Lawn is synonymous with award winning lawns in Kansas City. Tobin's 60 years of experience, coupled with the highest quality lawn care materials and equipment provides you and your family what it needs to bring your lawn to the peak of perfection. Tobin specializes in lawn applications designed to give your lawn a deep green while controlling pesky weeds and insects. After making your lawn beautiful Tobin can also provide you with proper mowing to help keep it healthy. Is your landscaping needing an overhaul? Let Tobin give you ideas to spruce up the outside look of your home!


Beautiful Lawns seldom just "happen". Here are some tips to help you have the best lawn you can have!

About Us

The Tobin family tradition of lawn care excellence is embedded in sixty years of hands on experience.

Experience in lawn care handed from father to son for three generations that have created a professionalism only time and experience can bring. This is the care and experience upon which you and your lawn can depend.


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Current tips and things to get ready for

OCT 27

Dormant Seeding

If you missed seeding early this fall, the next best time is winter. Click here for more. Call us at 816-765-5565 for a dormant seed estimate.

OCT 27
Mulch Leaves

It's beneficial to the lawn to mulch leaves!


OCT 27
Lawn Diseases

Until today the rainfall has been scarce, so to keep your lawn green, or to green it back up, water 1" per week.