May flower - Lily of the Valley

Household Tips

  • Check air pressure in tires for better gas mileage.
  • Clean or replace air filter.
  • To break dog of chewing, mix alum and water together and smear on anything dog chews on
  • Use Petroleum Jelly on nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion and loosen easier. Also can be used on base of outdoor light bulbs.
  • Use Petroleum Jelly to prevent rust on tools.
  • Store books with newspaper to absorb moisture and prevent mildew.
  • For books that have mildew, sprinkle affected pages with cornstarch.
  • Fertilize houseplants with Sure Bloom.

Lawn and Garden Tips

Week One

  • Begin planting Gladiolus bulbs as the ground warms. Continue at 2 week intervals.
  • Set out tomato plants as soils warm. Place support stakes alongside at planting time.
  • Apply Hummert Long Lasting Dyna-Green fertilizer with Broadleaf Weed Control.

Weeks Two and Three

  • Plant summer bulbs such as Caladiums, Dahlias, Cannas and Elephant Ears.
  • Remove Rhubarb seed stalks as they appear.
  • Pinch back new growth on Mums until July 15.
  • When planting tomatoes apply Mushroom Stuff immediately. Two weeks later fertilize with Hummert Flower and Garden with Nutri-Life or Sure Bloom. Also apply Mushroom Stuff in June, July and August. We have been using Mushroom Stuff for ten years on tomatoes 4 times each year and have eliminated disease! Apply Mushroom Stuff at the rate of 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. At planting time use one quart per plant, in June use 1/2 gallon per plant, and in July and August apply one gallon per plant.

Week Four

  • Continue spraying Apple, Crabapple and Hawthorne trees with Immunox and Spreader Sticker every two weeks for Cedar Apple Rust and Apple Scab.
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs within three weeks after blooming.
  • Tie back Tulip foliage but do not cut back until it dies back naturally.
  • Use one cup of Bone meal on Peonies after blooming.
  • Growing lettuce under screening materials will slow bolting and extend harvests into hot weather.
  • Mulch Blueberries with pine needles or sawdust.
  • Lilacs bloom best on new wood Remove 20% of the oldest, largest canes each year.
  • Roses - Continue to apply Bayer All-in-One Rose and Flower care every 4 to 6 weeks.

Planting Dates

5/1 - 5/20  
5/1 - 5/20  
5/1 - 5/25  
5/5 - 5/25  
5/10 - 5/25  
Pepper Plants
5/10 - 5/30  
5/10 - 5/30  
Sweet Potato
5/10 - 6/10  
5/10 - 5/20